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Wont Rev over 3k ??


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Thanks.... I picked up a chiltons tonight and will start troubleshooting... it's definately electrical... Will pull the cap and check out the rotor and get some basic tune up stuff done as it is time anyway..


It's a new vehicle to me and I don't know when the last maintenance was done.

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my car did that same exact problem until 1 day i pulled out of my driveway and got to about 2000 rpms in 2nd and my car just shut down, i popped the clutch in 3rd to try to start it and it didnt work so i pulled into the first street i saw and tried everything, fuel pump and everything...my mechanic told me to change out the rotor and all that crap and it ended up being a combination of the distributor cap, coil, and plugs.






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My girlfriends car did the same, but at 4000rpm.


The problem was intermittant.


It turns out it was the MAF sensor (from what i remember).


Her car was a ford fiesta 1998, so it wasnt a honda - probably same sort of system tho?




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