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slow integra?

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im looking to buy a 2g gsr soon and i test drove a 97 gsr with the following mods the other day:


98' b18c5 with 64k miles, type-R tranny, greddy full exhaust, greddy headers, k&n intake, act clutch, and aftermarket pulleys.


the car sounded good, and from what i can tell it seemed to be running great (except for a slightly rough idle) but when i got on the gas i was dissapointed. i was expecting it be atleast a little bit quick but it didnt really pull hard at all. i could here the v-tec kick in and it sounded great but the car just didnt pull. my question is, is there something that could be causing the engine to not be running to its full potential. im new to hondas so correct me if i dont make any sense, but im thinking maybe the engine and tranny are from a type r but im not sure about the intake manifold or ecu. would that make a difference, or something else that i dont know about? thanks for the help.

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