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injector fuse keeps blowing - HELP!


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Hi there! I'm having a bit of a problem with my '89 Accord LX-i. For some reason, the injector fuse (in the fuse/relay box under the hood) keeps blowing. I disconnected the injectors/resistor connectors but that didn't help so I was unable to pinpoint the short (I assume it's a short -- right?). I also ruled out the ignition switch by replacing it with an old one I had laying around -- same problem. I'm not too good with wiring/electrical problems but a friend of mine is gonna come and help me with it tomorrow so I'm seeing if anyone has tips or clues as to what/where the short is or how we could locate it. Or is there any way it may not be a short but something entirely different?


thanks a lot for any and all info!

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I've got the exact same issue on my 86 EXi. Everytime I try to start it the injector fuse blows. How did you figure out it was the ECU? I'd like to test it somehow before I try and find a replacement...





sorry for the late reply. after a lot of time put into trying to diagnose it, i brought it to a local shop. they said it's the ECU. i was able to find one for thirty-something dollars on ebay - good deal.


good luck with yours.

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