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D17A1 vtec help


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D series are typically wanted for guys who are gonna bolt a supercharger on... unless you plan on doing that.. id just swap it out man, no sense in wasting the time or money. If you've got low miles on it, sell it and get a VTEC, like a B16 or somethin

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d17 is a new civic.. i dont think he'd want to sell his new civic and get an old ass one..


i say drop civic si k series engine in it.. bout 5k.. hmotorsonline.. and you cant just bolt on a vtec head and have a vtec engine..


it requires vtec solenoid and extra valves to be drilled..



others know more bout it than i do. hopefully they'll see it in a little bit.

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You need a VTEC head and ECU, thats it. No machinging required.


There are barely any S/C D series, so ignore that.


Swapping in a B series would be pointless, there isn't even a mount kit.


An Si swap doesn't cost $5,000.


The bay is big enough for a C series.

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