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Bought a car


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About a year ago (a little over) I bought a Jetta for my friend since he didn't have the money that day. He gave it to his sister (my girlfriend) and then her parents bought her a Neon so her parents sold it back to him and he painted it orange and took it off roading and broke an axle.


I bought it from him for $150. Included in that price is a spare Corrado G60 engine he had that runs fine. S/C needs to be rebuilt but that is easy and not all that expensive ($450).


It's a black/orange 1990 VW Jetta GL Wolfsburg.


Soon it will be powered by a 1.8L 8v supercharged engine with 158bhp and 188btq.


I'm going to get a few things for the S/C, a FPR, cam, and smaller pulley, so it should make about 188-195bhp. The trans 5th gear might be bad, so if it is, I'm going to put in a Rabbit GTi trans (max speed in 1st is 20mph).


I'm going to repaint it myself, probably Berlina Black. Interior will get some Sparco's and an autopower roll bar. Outside will get either some OEM 15" BBS mesh wheels, or some 17" BBS mesh wheels (if the later, then some Brembo Gran Turismo 2-piece brakes will go upfront). Something simple for the system, just a headunit and speakers.


Yep, thats my new project.

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You are painting it? Is there anything you can't do??

Is it worth a damn now? (150 is pocket change) How much money are you going to put into it? How much do you plan to sell it for (without the supercharger)? Sorry for all the questions, It just blows me away that you can pick up a project just like that (snap!) My Girlfriend is looking for a car right now, so if she is still looking when you finish, I'll get in touch with you. By all means, post pics of your progress and keep me informed.

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