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head lights on an 86 dx

86 hondaaccord dx

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ok im new to the whole honda thing i had a 90 probe gl with 320,000 miles and the motor went bad so i thought i would retire it and i guted the whole thing and sold alomost every part on the car and one day i was driving my van and i found a honda accord 5spd i bought it for 200.00 dollars and they guy told me he had to put a new clutch in it and he wanted what he put in the clutch there is only 146,000 miles on it and it runs awsome not a thing wrong other then this ok all the headlights work excpet the one on the passanger side it works on brights but not dim i checked the fuse and everything but that inst it so i jumped it to the other headlight and it works fine so the headlight is good so what else could it be thanks for the help

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