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91 Accord power mirrors


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Wow, been a long time since I have been on here and hope you all are doing fine and your Hondas are staying reliable!


Anyway, I have a 91 Accord SE (great car!!) and on occassion (every few months) the power mirrors go wacko !! What happens is you switch the switch to the L or R mirror, press the switch to make mirror go out or in and the mirror on it's own wants to keep coming in and won't stop till I put the switch in "neutral". I may have which way the mirror wants to go mixed up but you get the picture. Both mirrors do it too so it must be the switch.


They work fine up and down and is only the side to side movement that malfunctions.


THEN a day or two goes by and they are alright again for months at a time!!


Maybe it's just dust that gets on the switch or something..........not sure what else it could be?? Has not rained here for weeks and have not washed the car in a while so I know water should not be the cause.


Anyone else run into this?






PS ..........New member, 2 posts............man, I posted alot more then that but that was last year at this time, who knows what happened, Oh, well .

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i ran into the same problem in my 90 accord lx. i just got it, so i didnt think much about it. i would say, try getting the control paanel at a junkyard(or maybey autozone...) ..i didnt worry about it because i can adjust them by hand anyway.. but good luck n tell me if you find a solution.

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Well as long as it only does it every few months and fixes itself I'm not going to worry about it. Stays that way though when malfunctions then it's time to fix it as I am the type that turns mirrors out at night so headlight glare doesn't bother me.


That and my "machine gun" antenna! You might have that problem too where the last 1/3 of the stroke of antenna going down sounds like a machine gun which is the result of the plastic teeth on antena strip being worn down I think.


Antenna works fine otherwise though and adds character to the car!! :D

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