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CD player says Code error


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Hello. My sister in law has a 2000 Civic. She just had the battery replaced. Now, she isnt sure but she thinks the following started happening after the battery change. (She says could have been before the change too .....sigh)


The cars radio/tape/CD player displays CODE ERROR on the LCD and does not work.


Can anyone help me with some information to fix this problem?



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She has to put in the security code.


If she doesn't have the card that came with her car, she can take it into the dealership (Honda) and they will get it or do it for her. Usually cost around $30.

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I am not saying the battery replacement didn't cause the message. However, I would be upset with a dealer that didn't check that. After they replace the battery, to me, it is their job to check things like that before they give you back the vehicle. You are out a lot more time because of this.

your post referred to having the code message due to a warped cd changer magazine. in this case, the code is from the battery terminals being disconnected.


yes, any honda dealer should reset the headunit code before it leaves the lot if they were replacing a battery. however, there is no information given to prove that it was replaced at a honda dealership. if it was replaced at any other shop/service center, it really isn't their job to tell the customer that they'll need to reset their headunit code.

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