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lost my job today


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Yep lost my job today f*cking priks. i worked at honda in rome ga and the reason for cutting me loose is that we had low csi ( customer satisfaction) So they were cutting back to 2 techs a nd 1 trainy. well its going to be funny when they call back for me cause there is no way in hell that they are going to pull in 40 cars a day with 2 techs> And get this they fired the best 3 techs there was there and kept the dumbass me and 2 buddys were the ones getting the cars in and out. I just dont see why i have to be punished for the service writers bull crap. Let me give out some advice dont work for dealerships there nothing but a bullcrap bus. Well just wanted to get that off my chest. Hope yall have a happy life now im going to go kill my self

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