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Honda Prelude 1990 refuel


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I have a 1990 Prelude S. It came with the standard carbs

for the 1990 S.


The car was caught in a flood and water entered the cab

up to the middle of the seats. The ECU was destroyed

underneath the passenger side floor board. I'm not sure

if any of the sensors in the engine box also failed as I'm

unable to do any diags. until I replace the ECU., about $400.


As the carb model of this car has very little power at altitude,

do anyone know of any aftermarket mechanical carb kits

that I could put on this car instead of the stock system?


Alternately, Is there an aftermarket fuel injection system which

can be bolted onto this engine?


Some have recommended that I replace the entire engine with

a 1993 VTEC. This car and engine have only 10k miles on it,

so the engine and car are almost new.


Any ideas would be helpful.



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