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94 accord sputters


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maybe you fracked something up when you broke the needle off your fuel gauge. lol (j/k)


All kinds of possibilities, I'd start off small when trying to diagnose the problem yourself...my friend John had some problems like that and all he needed to do was add some fuel injector cleaner to his gas tank. He did it for about 3 full tanks and never had a problem with it again. However, if you don't see any improvement from that, you might need to dig into your fuel system.

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I tried using the gas treatments and it didn't seem to change a thing. I did find the problem, there's a freeze plug plate with 5 10mm bolts on it underneath the fuel rail. 3 of the 4 plugs were clogged with carbon so I just took a straight pick and poked it out. That cleared it all up and the car didn't misfire again. Too bad my car caught on fire later that night due to a gas leak which I don't know how it happened because it seem to run fine after and I didn't smell any gas driving it. So if you're not comfortable with doing it take it to a professional. I didn't have full coverage on the car so I'm screwed.

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