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Timing a 84 lude'


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I am having a great deal of difficulty locating the timing marks on my lude'. It's a dual carb 84... and it has recently been making some cute metal-on-metal noises and the accompanying "Hey, that's my engine!" smell.


I cannot find the timing marks that Chiltons is reffering to! Anyone have experience finding them with any pointers?


I am hoping that it is just an issue of timing- I moved from a cold, wet, low altitude (17 feet above sea level) climate to a hot, dry high altitude climate (not sure but it's apparently at least 1,000 feet) and did not think to change the timing, and it's been 6 months. I would not like to have to replace the car because it's been in the family since new (and I work for 7.00 an hour), plus I have visions of rodding it out one day. Pictures of it are here: http://honestjuans.com/PictureGalleries/TheBustedAssLude.htm


Anyone know if a straight six would fit in there? Someone else has put a V8 in a modded mini (in the truck bed they put in it). I'm thinking of doing something similiar to my lude'. Any thoughts on either issue?

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