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Love the car, hate the space for audio! HELP!


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Right im another UK dood and will be purchasing me first CRX VTI (158hp VTEC) this week. My dad had one when i was younger (ESI model 130ish hp i think) and i loved it then. Im paying £1495 for it which is apparently cheap but this is because the electric roof has given up.

The guy reckons that honda have quoted him 700 quid for a repair but i managed to find this guy (http://www.dsauto.co.uk/MoreComments.htm) who fixes them cheaply.


Now i have seen that you can get JL AUDIO STEALTH BOXES for these cars but il be dammed if i can find anyone that sells them in the world, let alone my country. Found a website in German that sells them but i dont think this will be cost efficient.


I <3 my subs in my old car (until i crashed it 2 days ago, and they ended up on the back seat rather then the boot) and it is a really big thing for me to possibly go without any subs. Any way around it even without the stealth box?


So what do you guys (and gals) think of the car il be buying and my stereo dilemma?


O btw its done 98k miles, which seems to be average on a car thats 12 years old.

and it is in blue.


Just need my insurance money to come through and i can get her! (Might jus dig deep and raid my bank account for the money until i recieve the insurance :laugh: )


Anyways, glad to be a member on an active forum, as ive been looking for one all night. Normally get excited until i see "Last post 23th May 2002"..




Ta peeps



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you could build one to fit. I built one that im selling but would probably cost a whole crapload to ship the the UK. heres pics anyway.






its for a 15" sub, i think im the only one to ever build one.

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Just went to check it out AND omg!!!


Ok, for one it wasnt a vti it was an import and was a del sol. Now i looked under the bonnet and it said DOHC on it but im sure it didnt look like a VTI (158bhp) engine. Is that possible? Is the 158 bhp engine the dohc because i drove the fuc*er and it wasnt very quick at all. Been imported in 1998 and was fairly tatty with 210k on the clock, about 130 miles (which he lied about sure he said 96thousand).


So thats my main question, could that have been the 158 hp model, cos if it was, it werent very quick.


Any one got any pictures under the bonnet of a true UK VTI (or a 158 hp from over seas)


That really bothered me :S


Ive seen another apparent true UK VTI, he wants 2000 for it, manual roof, and a stage 1 head (ported and polished) along with a vtec controller.. Whatever that is...




Need help because after seeing the import its sorta putting me off the CRX... Im sure the import Del Sol has to be an SIR to be the 158 hp.. But as i say, i thought the DOHC was the 158 hp anyway




Appreciate it guys.



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