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Loss of power in newly turboed Accord


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Need some help here, first let me give you a brief description of what I have done.

I just put on a Turbonetics T3/4 kit. Because of that I also upraded the fuel system, new pump, rail, 440 injectors, regulator, and filter. I also upgraded the ignition with a MSD sports compact ignition box, crane cap and rotor, and a crane coil. Of coure I have all the normal ad ons such and cat-back and underdrive pulley's, clutch......ect. To control all of this I have a Hondata s200 ECU.


Now that I gave a general idea of what Im working with let me give you the problem. The car feels like it is boging out, when I give it gas its almost like its not getting enought fuel or the ignition isnt working right. Now the turbo spools up fine and I dont see any obvious problems. Also the car wants to stall aout if I rev up the engine then just let off the gas, yet It will Idle fine after it catches itself. Now Im stationed it Italy so going to have the car tuned in a dyno properly is a problem....not so much as finding a dyno as finding someone how deals with Hondata.....just doesnt happen. Does anyone have any thought or suggestions as to what could be the problem?

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