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Driveaxle replacement question


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Ok, here's my latest quandry. I am in the process of replacing both driveaxles on my 93 Sol, and I have run into a discrepancy between the original axles and the remanufactured replacements I purchased from my local O'Reilly Parts store. The originals have a 'dynamic damper' and the rebuilt ones do not. Otherwise, they are an exact match. My question is: Should I be concerned about this, and should I 1) attempt to move the dampers from the old ones to the new ones, 2) look into getting new dampers for the new axles, or 3) not worry about it and put those new ones without the dampers? It is my understanding that these dampers help prevent excessive vibrations from damaging the CV joints and their rubber boots, so I was unsure why the rebuilt ones did not have them in place already. Thanks again for your help, this board has been a wonderful source of information for me since I started working on my Sol. Looking forward to your replies,



Carl in TX

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