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Hello all!


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don't expect enthusiasm from most of these guys...going into it you should know that most of them will try their very best to make you feel stupid and only a portion of them actually know anything about what they claim. Do a good bit of research before asking questions or making claims yourself. Most of the people on this board who actually have knowledge and experience are elitist bastards who could give a crap about what you have to say other than to get a cheap laugh at your expense. The only person whose opinion about motors and parts I trust is SSR, no need to question him because he generally knows what he's talking about. I'll definitely try and answer any questions you have also, and if you're unsure or embarassed to ask a question, feel free to PM me and I will assist you to my full capacity.


Use the search feature constantly, if you have a question then you can assume someone else in the past has shared the question and already asked it


Welcome to the forums!

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take your thumb outta ur mouth and stick it up ur ass ya big f*g..



we all dont like you cuz you take stuff personally.. dickweed.


and welcome. not to the guy with the long name thing though. i think he should go to HondaAcura forums.

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