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Bought some more stuff...


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Love the Action Clutch and Fidanza flywheel. Grabs hard but very streetable. More free revving, but still very streetable, even on steep TN hills. I can bark 2nd like a mofo, but haven't gone for third since I don't drive like an idiot on the street.


Yesterday I bought a ZC transmission and a ITR rear sway bar.


Some gears from the ZC are going into my trans.


Now I just need to order my ASR rear subframe brace, and go pick up some EX front LCA's.


Next up, Quaife LSD and SRR final drive.


Also working on a very big (.011 valve-valve) billet D16Y7 cam.



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Wait a sec, I thought you were all about suspension? I mean, I realize you have that whoopeedoo racing deal going, but I know I've talked to you about suspension related topics and I wanna say that you weren't too serious about doing anything to your motor...not that I have a problem with it, more power to you. Just glad to hear that your car is seeing improvements and that you're enthused about what you got.


Where are you located again? I might be coming across some well deserved pocket change in the near future and if you can make it worth the drive, I'll definitely come knocking.

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I am. I don't really care about power. I rolled 2 Type R's at Expo with my bone stock engine/trans. With shorter gearing, more top-end pull from the FW, an LSD, and a 4.9 FD, I should be able to do a lot better out on track. I'm not tearing into my engine until I get better as a driver.






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Put my interior all back in (back seat, door panel, glovebox).


Ran it at Bristol last night with my Azenis on the front at 35 psi.


Best run was a 17.17, compared to my previous best of 17.4 with stock clutch/flywheel, full exhaust, and no interior.


Launching at 4,500 would wheel hop. Slipping at 4,500 would bog, so I said fawk it and lanched it off the limiter.


Best 60' was a 2.4 something I think so I have a lot of room to improve. I think I can get it down to a 17.0x.

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Dude, you aren't running 15's or 14's in autocross...you would have to have an amazing setup and be an equal or better driver than him. Honestly, I don't think that's even possible in an Accord.


Unless, you are under the impression that he's talking about quarter times...in which case no worries, you just didn't know :thumbsup:

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I have a stock D16Y7. I never said I had 200whp. I probably have 80 some whp.


Autocross times can't be compared unless they were run on the same course on the same day.

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