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93 civic hatchback

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well then rice it out, big body kit, super huge wing, dual exhaust, dropped so the frame drags on the floor, huge stereo that weighs a million pounds, throw some 20's on it, thats bout all i can think of

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get it lowered about 2 inches

15-16 rota c8's

amber corners

shaved emblems

type r shift knob

black carpet

type r floormats

k&n air filter

cold spark plugs

just some crap you would like and is your style.. thats what i'd do if i had a hatch like yours. i dream of hatchbacks.. mmmmm hatchys.:pirate:

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thats stupid.. door handles are supposed to be there. thats how the doors get opened..


keep them on!

since hes going for show it will look really nice and the poppers add a cool effect for show

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we'll i like the first i idea it sounds nice....i like how u think man i need 2 talk 2 u aboutmy car more often and the second idea it sounded wet but i dk....keep doing wat u do!! 8)

what the hell did you just say?


i dont know what you are saying?


are you agreeing or disagreeing.. make it clearer and i'll respond again



poppers are hard as hell to do. if you lose your keys, you're fracked.


do what you want.. i just suggested things that'd make your car look good and not get made fun of for having stupid crap on it.

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