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progress on my car.


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My block being shipped out for sleeving (Last week)



My new hondata software



My ECU (putting the new chip in)




when i get my block back, and my pistons, and rods in i will take more pics and keep yall posted.

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Is there a site or something to learn more about ECU's and chips... cause that is one subject that i know nothing about... I know it control everything in the engine but i don't know anything about messing around with it to change things up...

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ummmmm, i dont really like messsing w/ my ecu, the only reason i had to tear into it, is to change the chip. it is already socketed, so you just have to unplug/re-plug to change the chip. i dont know where to learn about ECU's, but its easy to screw crap up in there.

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