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Bbs Rs Rensportfelge Rims


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hi guys! im new in the forum my nickname is BuLL, im 30 years old and recently went from a bavarian to an import (acura). i live in los angeles, ca


and had a question to all you experts out there--


i wanna use my bbs rims 16's which came from an 88 325 bmw will these fit in my integra 1994 LS? huh


your response is much appreciated



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by the way, i dont want to sound like an a*shole but why dont you put on the wheels since you already bought the acura integ?


the tires are too big so it wont fit (225-45-16)

so i may have to buy 205-45-16's, i wanted to ask around first to get expert feed backs, and you i dont think youre an a**hole, its a legit question.


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yeah you might have to get diff size tires. the wheel wells are probably diff size too so the offset might be off regaurdless of your new tires. if they dont fit, you can always sell them though!


if you do sell those and are still interested in slapping on some new wheels on your integ, try a brand called "racing hart"! those look nice on your car! :D

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