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my future mods


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i dont know what all to get.


i want to make my car look better and get me about 15 hp on the engine.


had to take off the exhaust off and put stock back on.


heres what i want


1. best underdrive pullies for a good price

2. how will i install this

3. best flywheel

4. what will that do and how much will it help on a f series all stock engine?

5. tint? how much would look good and keep UVs out of my car so it stays cool.

6. where can i get the pullies and flywheels?



thanks.. im sick of being beaten on the steets just off the stoplight by a damn civic with exhaust and intake. its annoying.. help me out

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UP's suck.

Flywheel go with a 7Lb. Fidanza. It lets your engine rev quicker, but not noticable as most people think.


UP's won't give you 15hp.


If you want 15hp, get a cam and an IM.

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those were just a couple suggestions of what i want to do. why do you think UPs suck? they slow everything else down on your car and give your engine more power and less strain.. i dont see how that would suck.. just my opinion.. i want to know more about it.


how much does a lightweight flywheel cost? probably around 200-400 dollars right?

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UP's don't do crap other than dim your lights and stuff. Check out all the fast race cars that use them.... thats right, they don't.


A Fidanza flywheel is $210.


I have a 7lb. flywheel and it doesn't make it "far more responsive", it does make a noticable difference though, not much, but some.

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crower cams

crower springs, valves, retainer,

skunk2 cam sprocket


mill head 30th's

your good to go


save even more money and get some arias 11:5 cmp piston with some nice Eagle heavy duty rods

sleeve the block

and you got yourself a little monster

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