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4 civics vs 1 weak mustang

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all videos filmed in Fresno County CA


url=http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=9594EBC8-8C48-454B-AA6B-5130FF36DC40]9594EBC8-8C48-454B-AA6B-5130FF36DC40.jpg[/url]Click here to see Video


url=http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=352767B2-6A08-4A4B-9BF5-1D088230C152]352767B2-6A08-4A4B-9BF5-1D088230C152.jpg[/url]Click here to see Video


url=http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=48CC8284-3C43-4664-B604-B64E62AD6DAF]48CC8284-3C43-4664-B604-B64E62AD6DAF.jpg[/url]Click here to see Video


url=http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=223AC846-A9D4-45D6-8FBD-EDB48463B182]223AC846-A9D4-45D6-8FBD-EDB48463B182.jpg[/url]Click here to see Video

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they wouldnt work for me, but if all it is, is a stock mustang beating 4 stock civics, then taht is the coolest and most surprising thing i have ever seen. if it something thats actually cool, i want some cliffnotes on it.

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