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Found 12 results

  1. hey guys I've been working on my Honda Del Sol the past couple days (blown head gasket). I've been a bit confused with the power steering belt. for one, I've never done a head gasket, I've never pulled a P/S belt off. i do know there's a tensioner to just take the belt right off, but i don't see it. all i see is the the belt go around the P/S pump and the drive pulley, but i don't see a tensioner. any suggestions/tips, would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. Im looking for a few parts for my 93 del sol. I need: front bumper cover 93-94 Si rims spoiler I have a front bumper right now, but it is cracked, I could trade it maybe if someone could repair it I have some 15's on it now, I could also trade those if someone is interested
  3. So i just swapped a b16a3 from a 95 del sol vtech into my car. I had a stock d16z6 harness running a b18b1 that didnt plug up. So i bought a b16 harness that plugs to almost evrything except the the grey plug on the vtec solenoid, I think thats the soleniod connecter my book calls it. With both harnesses that plug is the same. Should I be looking for a different harness or a different vtec soleniod? This is the only thing i need to finish the swap up so any help would be awesome. Anybody know or have an idea what i should have to do here?
  4. FallenSol

    spark plugs?

    i just got my del sol and it needs spark plugs and wires. any advice on what are the best?
  5. Ok guys . I have a 95' Acura Integra, A new K20 Engine straight from Japan, and a big warehouse . The integra is EMPTY . Just the shell lol . NO INTERIOR, NO ENGINE, NO TRANSMISSION, NOTHING . Got the paint job re-done (all black) The interior is going to be empty when done . Roll cage .. Two bucket seats .. y'know? Remove excess weight . Now that im putting it back together, i want to drop my k20 into it . But i dont know much about this . What is needed ? All i have really right now is ... Twin Turbo, K20 Engine + 6 Speed LSD transmission, Skunk2 Catback/TurboBack Hybrid Exhaust and Coilovers . What am i missing? I wish to know everything and for what its used for (even little things such as engine mounts) (: Thanks .
  6. luvmyhonda

    bad idle

    I recently bought my 95 del sol mainly cause it is clean no rust, was suprised to see its b18 b1 was also orignally a auto now a manual, the thing is at idle the car is really rough kinda shakes a lil bit also up to 2000rpm in first gear after that runs like a champ. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Im trying to find a reputable shop that does engine rebuilding. I have a spare d16z6 i bought for cheap that i would like to get rebuilt for a project. it spun a rod bearing. ive torn it apart down to bare, the crank will have to be dealt with, either reworked or whatever, or just a flat out new one. my goal is simply a daily driven ~200hp turbo. easy enough, but basically i dont have the time to go it myself, i work 12 hours overnight, sleep during the day and get 4 days off a month. If anyone has any good experiences with any shops that could help lay out specifics of a build, and get a game plan in action, and get this done it would be greatly appreciated. if the shop is in Texas, would be better, but i am willing to freight the motor also for a good quality build.
  8. i have a 1993 del sol. it has a 1.5 engine. It will turn over and start, but will die immediately. Sometimes if I keep tapping the gas it will stay on, but when I let off the gas, it will not idle and dies.. It also back fires time to time, but i think that is another problem. I replaced the 4 spark plugs and the starter. I think my problem is the thing that brings in air to the engine (cant remember the name) is too big for my car and/or the timing on my car is off . Any ides of why this is occuring??
  9. my door panels are bland, plastic, so worn out and everything ...does any body have any advice about using carbon fiber to remodificate the panels i never worked with carbon fiber but of course theirs a first time for everything...or should i just buy new door panels**wich by the way are dificult to find**
  10. I have an automatic 93 del sol that I'm in the process of swapping a b16 into. The engine I found for it is a standard and already modified for a 93 civic. Now would I be able to go and find a clutch assembly, shifter with the linkage from a 93 civic and put it into this del sol or is the del sol going to have different linkage and set up?
  11. Alright here it goes. I've had this insane idea for awhile now. Just yesterday I decided to grab some Del Sol pics and see how it would look. I was shocked when I realized I had seen what I had created before. I stretched the rear of the Del Sol to make it into a utility vehicle like the El Camino. I laughed when I noticed it looks almost exactly like the current Holden Ute over in Australia. I got to thinking that if I ever wanted to import a Ute, even a used one, it would cost nearly $10,000 in modifications to make it USA legal. So... if I ever wanted to waste the cash... I could turn my Del Sol into a UTE! I need some opinions out there and some answers to some odd questions. First off I need to know. What kind of frame does the Del Sol have? I've been under my car and I know what the frame is but my question it can it be removed? I was thinking about it and wondered if I could use the drivetrain from the Honda CR-V AWD. I can't just cut off the rear of the car and toss on a truck bed I need to move the rear tires back and the CR-V wheelbase is 10 inches longer which is ALMOST enough to make it look right. The Del Sol trunk lid is 4 feet wide, the car itself goes over 5 feet wide. I would like to make a 6 foot long bed. So would I be able to use the frame of the CR-V with the body of my Del Sol? If not I would have to cut the frame and extend it by 10 inches than by a foot or so after. I know it is possible but I would rather extend a frame than cut it. I have tons of other ideas but I want to hear what ya'll think on this first. You can say what you want I know it can be done and I think it would look amazing!
  12. just outta curiosity why does the radiator on the del sol so small compared to a civic or accord with the same engine? i mean obviously its cause it doesn't take as much to cool it, but how come?
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