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Found 4 results

  1. TDA0507

    Some Advice?

    Hey guys i havent been on this forum in a while! well let me cut to the chase. Her name is Euphoria . 1991 Accord, runs like it was off the lot back in 91' Only problems: 1.Radiator Leak 2.Fuel Gauge Not moving? 3.Weathering is making the body look nasty :/ 4.Im getting a leak through the driver seat by the pedals any where in particular i should look for the leak? 5.and most importantly idk what i should do to make it last longer and stronger performance. I want to learn how to change some parts and hell maybe even make this your typical JDM car. If you can , any suggestions on my first few issues and what I should start looking into to make it have a higher performance i want this to be a Fuel Effecient , awsome performing car. Thanks! FYI , the bumpers have suffered really bad weathering conditions and way to bring it back black and clean? looks like it came outa a sewer now :/
  2. I recently replaced the steering knuckle on my 91 Accord LX on the passenger side because it's so much easier to replace the knuckle than the hub when the bearing went out. I got the knuckle from a junk yard. It was fairly new and had a new lower ball joint on it. I also replaced the upper control arm since the upper ball joint is fused with the upper control arm. The replacement steering knuckle came with a speed sensor hookup, i.e. the wire etc. My question is this: Does the passenger side have a speed sensor or is it just the driver's side that has the speed sensor? I have looked in manuals and such and they only explain the driver's side so I'm not sure what to do about that wire because there doesn't seem to be a hookup for it that I can find and I don't remember there being any wires hooked up on the passenger side. I was just going to clip the wire and dispose of it but I wanted to make sure first.
  3. TDA0507

    What Should I do?

    Well as i continue to fix up my car i was just looking at all the guy's i know that ''Customize'' their cars or in Florida terms ''JDM'' (probably started somewhere else idk) Anyway, i was thinking of what should i do to make the car look cool, its a 1991 so i dont want to make the car seem too old, i dont want anything fancy or over board just little things to make it recognize on the streets. I dont want to be all ''fast and furious'' and change my engine and what not.Just have an appearance that people will know that its a nice car. Suggestions are welcomed. p.s my car originally was bought matte paint should i keep it the same or go glossy?
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