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  1. if it were valve seals, then the blue smoke would most likely show at start up or when you let off the gas after hard acceleration. not trying to sound like hte bringer of bad news here, but blue smoke under hard acceleration usually means piston rings are hurting. A cheaper thing to try is a head gasket, process of elimination, but im pointing towards rings.
  2. lol nothin beats a big block, but small blocks have a sound of their own. everything with my friend has settled down. like hte parents are doing a lot better and stuff like that. there is a huge memorial at the crash site, me and a couple friends made a huge cross, and left markers so people could sign it, and its filled with signatures. turned out really nice. as for the car, i bougth 4.11 ring and pinion, and as soon as i sell my little dodge ill have aluminum heads too. finally coming along, last summer was rough when it came to making money because i had to pay off the lawn equipment, but this year will be golden. alright peace. tim
  3. Well havent been on in a while. december 1st my best friend flipped his car into woods and died december 3rd, so its been pretty crapty. but anyways i figured i stop by and show some videos of the maro i did with a cell phone. quality sucks but whatever.
  4. lastnight i raced him twice, we raced when we got onto the highway then raced after the u turn back. the first time i started way after him and the second time was dead on. it was a first gear role at 25 mph. beeped 3 times, floored it, went right through my third gear and we were going 110 before i hit the brakes. i won. whoot whoot. the war is over for now and there wil be no more racing for me. he is the only kid i will race really because all the other cars suck. also, when we were leaving the off ramp and heading back to town there was a cop pulling onto the highway. that was close.
  5. not only is his carb way to high, but he is way overcammed. he has a bigger cam then me butnot only does it csound like crap, no other part in his motor is matched to it. this is a 290 cam and he has a performer intake manifold. it doesnt even idle nice, but because its loud all the gay redneck kdis think its badass but none of htem have a ear fir stuff like that because they dont kno anything. my cams a comp cams 280h and it makes more overlap then his. he doesnt even have aftermarket rockers or springs. as for the chevy/ford comment, when ford builds there crate motors and such, they do incorprate better internal designs that help with the travel of oil and the moving of air in and out, but that is why their parts are more costly. when it comes to durability chevy and ford are right next to each other, but when it comes to working on, ide much rather work on a chevy. it jsut seems to me that every time ive worked on a ford compared to a chevy, even with simple things, has been more of a hassle. the one thing with chevy v8's, is i think oyu get more bankg for your buck. i am getting a rear end out of a chevy truck, with comes stock with 3.73's. really all i need is the rear end, heads, and a all manual valve body with ratchet shift. as for heads, im taking some HO heads off a 305, because of their small combustion chambers. im going to try to achieve about 10:1 compression after porting and milling them and porting the intake manifold ot match. that alone should set me ahead of him, but my tranny is a real slug with its valve body. its great and strong in the manual 1 and 2 gears, but when you drop it in 3rd it doesnt grip fully because it thinks whether it wants to downshift or stay the same. eventually im getting a th-400 tranny but that doesnt have to happen soon, 700r4's are strong tranny's. like i said about the rear end, if i find myself a truck with 3.73's and hopefully disk brakes in teh back, then ill be good to go. and he has stock heads by the way.
  6. Timmythewop89

    4-2-1 or 4-1

    hung dude shut up you act like its really pissing you off. your sitting at your damn computer if it pisses you off turn away. everybody is so dramatic. the guy is asking a technical question who gives a fk if its repetative if u think it is dont answer theres no reason to be a dooshbag, christ people act like if they know something over someone else that they are superior. ignorant people these days, and thats huge coming form me, a very ignorant person.
  7. we flew right by that bandwagon after getting a 505 horsepower engine getting 26mpg highway. even tbi in the early 90's was good performing, gave big trucks about 15 mpg which was very good back then. oh and domestics has fuel infection earlier then that. i think 85 or 87 was the first years.
  8. i dont know i personally dont even want to race it until i get a new rear end and heads. another thing is i dont know if you are familiar with the 700r4 tranny, but its 1st gear is very short, helping a lot for off the line. the only problem with that is my second gear is so big that my cars well out of its power band when i drop it into second. it kicks in at about 3 grand and is at its peak at 4500. well ill keep you posted. i forgot who said it but i would never rip out anything to make the car lighter. if anything ide replace heavy parts for more high quality lighter parts. i dont know hwat else to say so im gonna stop here.
  9. looks to me like oil from the valve cover gaskets. when oil is introduced to fire, it makes blue smoke. but when its introduced to jsut high heat, it lets off a white steam. looks like chunky oil to me. replace valve cover gaskets.
  10. Timmythewop89

    4-2-1 or 4-1

    oh my bad it is more pricey for v8's. lucky hondas if i wanted to pay the money ide get 4-2-1 headers all the way, unless it was a top end motor.
  11. put the stock injectors back in if u replaced them, but if you didnt, i really dont kno what to do. its not carbureted so you cant adjust it. messing with your timing can help, but messing with it too much is bound to make it worse.
  12. i havent lost any friends or relatives. does it may me not as much of a hardas? dont think so, but then again there are good safer places to race around here, not saying its mistake free. and dont get the idea i go around and race. the cars been out all spring and summer and i havent raced a soul. theres many people that would disagree with you along with me about domestics being gay.
  13. Timmythewop89

    4-2-1 or 4-1

    depends on the use really. for more street friendly bottom end, ide prefer a 4-2-1, but they may be more expensive. 4-1's are cheaper, but may hurt bottom end unless the collectors are significantly long. i jsut say go with 4-1, itl save u money and really wont hurt much bottom end.
  14. dount sound mature u kno if a mazda miata pulled up next to you and reved youde race him. its not "people" planning to race. its me and 1 other person, no one else. ur saying its better to randomely race then plan it? oh yea and i dont have a race track in my back yard. well lets look at the alternatives. i could take a 2 hour drive to seekonk speedway and pay a couple hundred, oh wait for laps on the track is a couple thousand. or no, i could take a 3-4 hour drive to new england dragway. ide rather race on the four lane perfectly straight 1 mile long escape road with flashing traffic lights at each end.
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