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    honda Boosted delsol si
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    Greddy Turbo Kit, upper strut bar, tanabe super medalion exhaust, skunk 2 coilovers, streed glow racing seats w/ weapon R harness, apc racing pedals, tenzo shift knob 50 shot Zex nitros kit
  1. Well not initially but the Washington Auto Show is coming on the 8th of Feb. Maybe we can get a sol train to go down and drive around the thing or something. As far as joining I will look into it. Also check out Nothern VA Car lovers
  2. Northern VA 1995 SI Boosted 195,000 all original Granada Black Pearl What winter meet on DEC 20th? Where I can post it on the Teamsolva Website as well
  3. DASOL95

    Should I

    What Front bumper do you have airjordan? I have a FMIC and my stock bumper is about ready to fall off trying to get a new one or something else. I like yours it looks nice with the FMIC on it.
  4. DASOL95


    I have the tanabe Hyper Med. exhust its loud when you get on it but at normal speed not to bad. Once I put the turbo on it got a little less noisey. Nice look to doesn't look like a coffee can either.
  5. DASOL95


    Yea I am having problem with my bumper as well after I got the FMIC put on the bottom part drags like a bitch when I get out of my driveway. I want a new one so that I can put a civic lip on it and lower it a little more.
  6. I was trying to replace my antenna the other day the radio had stopped getting reception so I replace the antenna. Iam stil not getting any rececption from the radio. Not even any static. Any thoughts on what I should do next?
  7. DASOL95

    Finally Back!

    Hey really like the car. Thats what got me into mine. I rode in friends vtec and got one. Couldn't find the same one so I got an SI and boosted it. Also thanks for your service I have a friend that is over in Iraq as well.
  8. DASOL95

    Meet in Oct.

    Hey thats cool yea next time hope you can make it.
  9. DASOL95

    Meet in Oct.

    most guys seem to have stuff going on this weekend so Iam going try to do it another time.
  10. DASOL95

    Meet in Oct.

    Anyone know of anyother things going on in and around Nothern VA
  11. DASOL95

    Meet in Oct.

    have also just taken over the former "fairfax car group" and now am the organizer for the Northern VA Car lovers group check it out
  12. DASOL95


    the cars not. just paid for the sensor on a credit card will pay it off next month. was trying to be funny hahahahah
  13. DASOL95


    the magic of credit cards get the car now pay later @22%
  14. DASOL95


    Mine was on for a bout 4 months then I had to get state inspection they failed it because of the srs light. Took it to honda it cost 120 to fiqure out the problem, the sensor was bad and it cost me 945 to get it fixed but I can drive it now and no wories.
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