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  1. I have a 95 accord LX 2.2L. Recently I had the crank pulley separate from the balancer. It also chewed up the cover pretty bad. Upon removal of the balancer and cover, pieces of the balance shaft belt fell out. A lot of oil was discovered within the cover. I decided to replace timing and balance shaft belts, tensioners, OEM water pump, cam, crank and balance shaft seals and other seals and gaskets such as valve cover and plug seals. I watched a fantastic video of a gentleman almost all of the same parts except seals. There were things he mentioned in his video doing that the previous Honda Tech. Did not do correctly. One was the seal retainer and another was insuring the oil pump gear is positioned correctly. Since that gear rotates 3 times for every timing revolution, it can be off 1 or 2 turns. Most people know, a screwdriver is inserted in the port behind the engine, and when the screwdriver is inserted all the way with the gear in the TDC position it is correct. Mu questions are this: Since I am replacing everything, should I just remove all the gears, belt and water pump and just start with a clean slate replacing the seals. I understand if I was just doing the timing belt, unnecessary removal of any other component just complicates matters. Second, the tightening of the tensioners were vague in the video. I know the manual says tighten, then back off one full turn, but how tight to start with? Any tricks or suggestions to make this job easier would be appreciated. Thanks Ray
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