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  1. When I turn on my car and want to use my phone, I get this error message. After 6 months it still will not clear. I have tried to disconnect the battery from the car, and tried resetting the stereo back to factory through the navigation, and still no help. It could be that I did the reset wrong, because it only reset the Navigation and not the Bluetooth portion of the stereo, and that seems to be where I need the reset to happen. Thank you in advance if you know how to solve this, and see picture below for a more accurate description of what is not going away. This is for a Honda Civis Hybrid 2013 Navigation Stereo.
  2. When my car loads up and I want to use my phone I hit the phone button on the right side. When I do this I get this message. I have tried disconnecting the battery from the car, and I have tried resetting the stereo, but it looks like I only reset the navigation and not the stereo it self. How can I fix this so the error message goes away. No matter what I do, the error message is still there even if the phone is no where near it. It says Now Loading... Please Wait. It has been there for over 6 months now and I can't seem to find a way to reset it. Please help if you can. Thank you in advance.
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