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  1. It’s a 2007 V6 with about 115,000 miles.
  2. My daughter recently moved away, so unfortunately I can’t get eyes on the car. She’s been complaining about squeaky brakes and spongy brakes for a few weeks. I always worked on the car with her, so she knows a fair amount. She took the car onto the Base and rented a stall and did a visual inspection and didn’t see anything wrong. She ended up getting one of the mechanics to look at them, and he also didn’t see anything. We replaced the brakes about a year ago with semi metallic pads before she left, which I realize are noisier than ceramics. She moved to the mountains of Colorado, hence my decision to go that route with the pads. That may be the reason for the squeaking. There are minor grooves in the rotors but nothing excessive. When she pumps the brakes, they don’t stiffen up and still feels spongy. I’m a bit concerned about this. She’s estimating the brake pedal is about 1.5” above the floor, and feels it used to not be that close. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks
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