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  1. I had this issue with a VW Jetta many years ago. Problem was a failed temp sensor in coolant. Didn’t detect increased coolant temp and therefore car was running “rich” like choke being pulled out on cars before computerized fuel delivery became the norm.
  2. I’m on my seventh new Honda from the same dealer over twenty two years. Everything has been superb until they charged me sixty dollars for a filter replacement that takes no more than ten minutes. Never thought to ask in advance so I paid it without complaint. This week I went in for an oil change. Was told the car is scheduled for differential fluid replacement for $159. I said “maybe next time.” Then when job completed the svc rep told me rear brakes down to two mm. Cost $298. Seems excessive, even if turning rotors is part of the job, so I decided to wait and shop around. What is significance of two mm? How many mm on new pads? Car has 79,000 miles and is still on original pads. Front have four mm left. If pads start at 3/8” (nine mm) it would seem that I have 20k miles before warning screeching would appear. Any info would be appreciated. I am in Sacramento and drive very conservatively (not slowly). I always bust records on tire and brake wear. Put tires on at 58,000 miles because one was destroyed by a road hazard. The other three Han another 10k of tread left. I always got 50k plus out of tires on my six Odyssey vans.
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