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  1. Forget the BS pressing tabs or other rigamarole to remove the stops. Just forcibly pry it loose with a long flat-blade screwdriver on the tab end closest to the opening on the inside of the glovebox. On a 16 year old car they're stuck tight, but reinstall easily
  2. I've read procedures & watched various videos. I can't slide the stops. If I press with all my might on the tab from the outside, something will break. If I push/slide or hammer the tab on the inside, something will break. It surely is too tight to twiddle with fingers, but tools appear to be a recipe for disaster.
  3. EricInAZ


    Radiator was about 2 quarts low, and a refill solved the overheating problem. Temp is stable, so I guess it's not necessary for the fan to run to cooldown after ignition is off.
  4. EricInAZ

    Vapor Lock?

    After driving around in the 107º afternoon temp, I parked while the temp gauge was maxed out. Returning a few minutes later, the gauge was back to the normal 1/2 way mark, but the car would crank & only sputter a little. I'm guessing this was vaporlock, which I thought was a problem from a bygone era of older carbuerated cars. This is the first time this has happened on any of my vehicles for around 20 years - the 05 Civic is a recent purchase as a project car/daily driver. Itc happened again later while I was getting cash at the Bank drive-thru. In each instance, letting it sit foe=r about 15 minutes. Is this normal or a well known problem??
  5. EricInAZ


    Put more highway miles into the Italian tune up today. Temp gauge was planted just below 1/2 way, until ... I got into stop & go surface street driving, then parked at a fast food joint. Temp went up to the Max - top of the gauge. Seems that the radiator fan runs only when the ignition is on. is this normal for a Civic? My other vehicles' fans run when I park & walk away with the ignition off & key in my pocket.
  6. Bought a junk 2005 Civic EX Special Edition. I guess "Special" means that it has a sunroof & ABS Braking. Although the 1.7l. is the same engine used on all the 2005 Civics, I'd read somewhere it has 158 HP - the other models are all around 127 HP. Depending on what i've read, HP is either 127 pr 158. It seems nobody knows for sure. For an old scrap car it's amazingly peppy, after oil change, new air filter and an Italian Tune-Up. Anyone know for certain what the actual HP is?
  7. Excellent Question, since I bought what was called an 05 LE. It has alloy rims, the deflector on the trunk lid and a moonroof. Is it actually an EX SE?
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