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  1. Driving my 2003 Honda Civic ex sedan 1.7 automatic up an on ramp, and around 55mph there was a loud pop with a sudden loss of power. Managed to limp the car the 30 miles home with shudder that felt like a misfire. Got home and found out the alternator bracket bolt snapped and the alternator was floppy floppy. Had to buy a new alternator(refurb) anyhow, still had a misfire and now a charging issue. Car will not connect to obd reader. Currently the car will not run. Did my coil fail? Did my ecu fail? Did my head fail with valve collapse? I know the valve stem seals were in need of being replaced, would that failing deadline the motor with a loud pop? I bought a 97 civic dx in the mean time, but would still consider fixing the sedan. It was a nice car until that moment.
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