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  1. I saw a similar thread on a Ford forum and I learned tons since I own a Ford as well. Interesting to see what everyone does to their vehicle! ok so I will start... I have a 2014 Honda civic 1.8L and I changed the oil, filter, transmission and coolant with all of these products. https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/honda-2014-civic-1.8l-r18a9 I like the fact that they put all products on one page, especially for the filter, I can easily get any synthetic oil on Amazon or anywhere else by knowing the weight but the filter lookup is a pain sometimes. Also ordered these mirrors by Kool Vue https://www.carparts.com/mirror/kool-vue/ho05el?&vehicle[cylinders]=4&vehicle[liter]=1.8&vehicle[submodel]=LX&vehicle[model]=Civic&vehicle[make]=Honda&vehicle[year]=2014 The mirrors are all dented and scratched from the previous owner and I never got around to it. May paint them myself. ok your turn!
  2. I don't think buffing it or rubbing compound is going to help. I had the hood fade on a previous vehicle, and MAACO painted it for cheap. You won't get the best paint but you wont get the worst. They may be able to do a partial paint job on the section in your picture, not sure but it is worth looking for the local MAACO in your area and ask. Or actually any body shop but MAACO should be cheaper. hope this helps.
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