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  1. I have a new 2019 Pilot. On my old 2005, after exiting the truck I would put the temperature (full hot or cold) on that I would desire based on the season. That would of course give the car a few moments to cool down or warm up. On my new car, the auto start technically starts the engine, but the temp controls don't kick it. So thanks, my engine is warmed up my car is not. What's the point? I've tried it on auto and every way I can think of. Any suggestions?
  2. Why isn't there a Pilot tab on this forum?
  3. I have a new 2019 Honda Pilot. The Apple Car play is intermittant, regardles of which usb cord I use. Any suggestions?
  4. I also have a new honda pilot 2019. My apple car play goes in and out. I'll be listening to spotify and then I get a message that I am not connected. I have used multiple cords. Sometimes if I restart the car it will then work, but who can do that without pulling over? I have been taking pictures and video as it seems intermittent. I fully expect Honda to blame it on Apple. Frustating with a car with 3000 miles.
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