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  1. my stock 95 del sol S 1.5 boggs & stammers under load. i can revv it up in neutral with no problem but when i drive it and give it gas it boggs down and stammers. when i get it to tach up it has little power. i changed the TPS, checked the timing, new battery, new ECU.... it starts and idles perfectly. any suggestings would be greatly appreciated.
  2. no power to fuel pump. changed relay switch. changed fuel pump. wipers come-on when i turn on ignition.
  3. i'm not getting power to my fuel pump. when i turn on the ignition my wipers turn on so i'm wondering if there is a connection . all fuses are good. this problem began slowly. i'm doing some body work and i'd pull it out of the garage to work on it and it began to start very hard but eventually would start but eventually it refused to start. so i replaced the relay switch and fuel pump which needed to be done anyway so no big deal. so i checked the power to the pump and no power. is this an ECU issue? thanks!
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