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    2004 Honda Accord Ex
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    new used engine, new lower control arms, new clutch and flywheel, new air freshner.
  1. waldo


    oh right..i'm 38, married and mods to my car...i swapped the engine with another one, the old one was blowing white smoke. I have had my car for about 3 years now. That was the most expensive thing i have added. I bought my car used from a dealer, he said the car worked good, i did not take it for a test drive as the car car a flat tire at the time, when i went in there to sign the paper work for it, they were fixing the tire and getting a new bumper. Had i known what i was getting my self into, i wouldnt have bought it. The car had little to no clutch, brakes were almost gone, the air filter looked like it had never been changed. I have put too much time and money into my car that i dont want to sell it. I have replaced the engine as i said, the clutch, control arms (front lower), now it needs a vtec solinoid, oil pressure switch, struts and a new passenger side windo motor and regulator, since the window doesnt go up or down. My advise, no matter what, allways take it for a test drive.
  2. waldo


    Hey everyone, waldo here form Colorado. I drive a 2004 accord EX 3.0L V6 manual....uh..i forgot what else i was supposed to add...so that's me
  3. mine does the same thing, i just replaced the belt and its still making the chirping sound. I'm going to replace the pump with a new one and hopefully that takes the sound away.
  4. depends on how much HP you're aiming for.
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