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  1. Hey CR-V people, the tailgate unlock only works with the key fob when it's out of the car. This is a royal PIA for me. It seems to me, the tailgate should unlock when I press the unlock switch on any of the unlock switches on the doors, as well as with the fob. I saw several YouTube videos about known issues with the tailgate lock on 2015's. Most said to replace the switch (on outside under the license plate). I did, no difference. I've been searching the net for a wiring diagram to see what controls the logic. Anybody know of any on the net? Any 2015 CR-V owners out there, please see if your tailgate unlocks when you unlock all the doors. The dealer service writer were dumbfounded. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  2. by chance, did the distributor pop up when it moved? I'm thinking the disti jumped a gear tooth or more. This means you'll have a huge timing problem. You'll have to do some digging to find how to find top dead center and how the disti must be oriented with respect to TDC. Hope this helps.
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