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  1. Hi, Everyone: I'm new here and have a 2015 Honda Civic Sedan. The front license plate base was stolen and I had to order one online from Amazon - Base, Front License Plate - Honda (71145-TR3-A50). Problem is just the base comes, no screws or whatever else might be needed and that's the problem. I have no clue how to put it on. The front bumper has one hole right in the middle. I notice in the picture of the Plate base that there is one hole right in the middle. So I assume there is at least one screw that holds it onto the bumper. https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Honda-71145-TR3-A50-License-Plate/dp/B00LISZJTK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Base%2C+Front+License+Plate+-+Honda+(71145-TR3-A50)&qid=1567702108&s=automotive&sr=1-1 Other than that I don't know if I need more screws, what size screws, any other hardware and how do you install it? I've searched online for hours, and found youtube how-to's on installing various Honda front license bases but not this particular one. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
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