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    In the middle of a complete b18c1 transplant. Then full body mod and new paint.
  1. Hello everyone. I really need some guidance . I am dropping a rebuilt b18c1 with its transmission and ecu from my 96 integra gsr into my 95 delsol. Never done something like this but was told to upgrade the entire wheel assembly to a 5 lug system and all integra axels and such. However . I also hear that " any gsr axels and hubs will work" I'm seeing most of the gsrs out there have 4 lug hubs. Will these work? Is there a big perk to going 5 lug? Please help me out. I'm about to find a donor car to get the part from amd dont wanna waste time on the wrong bits. Thanks for the time all.
  2. I just located in 97 integra that has A B18B1 engine. Would that drive system for steering knuckles hubs calibers all of that make for a good donor for this conversion?
  3. Hello all. First time post. I'm swapping a B18C1 from a 96 integra gsr into a 95 del sol. The delsol is a base model obd 1. I'm moving to the obd2 . Now my concern is drive train. The base del sol has very tiny 4 lug systems to the wheels. My question is... what models and year integra can I snag axels and what not to convert everything over? Will any b18 model work ? Or do I need specific model/year? I cant seem to find a definitive answer. And dont wanna spend time pulling from a donor.. and finding out it wont fit, Or I didnt get everything for front and rear conversion. Can anyone help shed some light on this please?
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