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  1. Hi guys, I hope that I’m posting in the correct forum as I have a 1999 Honda Domani (a type of Civic in certain countries, I believe) After spotting (and rectifying) an issue with the small ‘grommit’ component that tells the brake lights when to turn on and off via the pedal, I then found a 1.5 inch piece of black plastic, not too dissimilar to a pen lid in the footwell. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to upload via URL and it won’t let me upload from my phone gallery here, but the plastic is ‘cap-like’ and looks like it should slip over something. The reason for my concern is that after sorting the brake light issue which had drained my battery overnight, I found the cap, took the car on the road and within a few minutes, realised the brakes had ‘seized’ and started smoking from the front wheels. Any help would be appreciated please! Thanks so much, Mikki
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