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  1. Do you let the pump shut off ad stop putting gas or you go ahead and round up the last few cents of gas? If you round up stop and see if that fixes the problem?
  2. I would just by hand turn it back and reinstall the keyway. Then put to TDC. Turning it fully 1 turn might force contact to a valve.
  3. Oh sorry I also checked the injectors spray and for leaks, tested the injectors ohm and have between 11.9 and 12.1 ohms on all 4, checked the fuel volume about 12 to 15 oz before fuel pump shuts off, and the vtec valve is new.
  4. Hello to all and Thank you ahead of time! Ok here goes, 2000 accord A/T 2.3l F23 used engine about 90k on it pulled out of a totaled car. Because the old owner said the car was wrecked about 3 years ago. I pulled the engine and checked the bearings, replaced the oil pump, reworked the head aka valve job new vale seals, new water pump, timing belt kit, head gasket and bolts, had the injectors cleaned etc. fuel pump is new the old sending unit was bad so I changed it as waiting the injectors and head to be done. New NGK cap, rotor, wires, and spark plugs. full gasket set. Ok I think that is
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