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  1. Hey everyone looking for some help, suggestions with my 2004 Civic LX Sedan. Just bought this vehicle with 74k on the motor, in very clean condition. Upon buying, I noticed I would have to replace the oil pan gasket (already replaced) which isn't an issue. After driving for a couple days, realized there was barely, if no heat (bad thermostat, bad heater core, clogged heater core, heater valve bad) checked it all and I replaced the thermostat (there was literally no thermostat in there to replace). I also drained and refilled coolant obviously. I now drive and smell coolant every now and then. System was bled of air, no error codes, new thermostat, new radiator cap, all in the correct operating temperature. No visible leaks or wet spots. Any idea where this could be coming from? Any help appreciated.
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