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  1. I have a 93 civic. Out of NOWHERE On my way home from work it started sputtering and back firing whenever i put my foot on the gas. Came home pulled tge spark plugs and they had oil on them so I assumed that was the problem. Put a new valve cover gasket on it with the spark plug tube seals, new spark plugs and new wires just to be sure. It was hard to start after that but then got it started. Drove it and Welp it kept doing it .Backfired so much it blew the baffle out of my exhaust The next day it WOULD NOT start no matter what. It would crank and want to catch SOMETIMES but still not start. Put a meter on the dizzy and it had little spark. $150 later we got a new dizzy and it starts fine. Heres the problem, it idle fine but as soon as you put it in gear it wont run. You put your foot on the gas and it spits and sputters and then dies. Help! Any ideas before I just sell it.
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