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  1. Yes, this is my first post so excuse me if you think it's a dumb one. I've owned three previous Honda's (2002 CR-V, 2002 Civic LX, 2014 Accord LX). I'm strongly considering the newest Civic Si Sedan. Two questions, first, would you buy this car now or wait for a new body style? I don't know when that will be so maybe someone can shed some light? Second question: I currently have a company car (2016 Ford Focus that drives like crap) with gas, service, etc paid for other than it being a fringe benefit so it does cost me about $700/year. If I turn in the company car, I'll get a $4,000/year car allowance and I also negotiated a gas card so all my gas is paid for should I choose to buy the Civic. I figure I spend about $120-$150/month in gas in SoCal. Would you do it and take the car payment and maintenance or keep the free company car?
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