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  1. Hello I have an 2016 Honda HR-V Elegance and have a small problem: When i start it up sometimes it makes the sound as if i did not let the key in time and hold it for too long. I noticed that it doesn't matter how long you hold the key because it starts automatically. i went to my local repair shop for Hondas (because i still have warranty) and first they changed the solenoid and clutch of the starter but did not help, then they replaced the whole starter and the problem was still there. Last week they replaced the flywheel. Yesterday i noticed that it still happened. It doesn't depend on the temperature but it happens only when the car wasn't running for at least 10 hours. Is it possible that the problem is because of the changed battery? in 2017 we replaced the battery because the factory one was to small and the start/stop function did not work (it was giving the alarm, that it can't turn of because of battery charge being to low) . So we replaced it with a bigger battery (From a diesel). Does any one know what the problem might be? Please for your help. In the attachment i put recording when it happened. Avto 2.m4a Avto.m4a
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