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  1. Hello forum. 2015 crv here. Wanting to connect a fuse tap for dash cam power to the internal fuse block. I’ve picked out fuse #27, front accessory power, 20 amp fuse. I have the cable run to it and up to my mirror area, going down the pillar, and out by the e brake pedal. I can see / access the fuse panel (have not removed any plastic interior panels) but can’t spot a source of ground (at least one that seems easily accessible). Where is one found near there? If i must remove some panels, how is that done? Thank you.
  2. approx. 3 yr old cr-v (2015), 35k miles. headlights work fine manually. high and low beams alike. but not in auto mode. have tried all sensitivity settings in the customization menu but suddenly no auto headlights. they were just working recently but not anymore. what could likely have gone wrong? is this common? easy fix? thanks everyone. i have not checked anything yet.
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