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  1. lessonstar

    Honda doesn't start sometimes after being driven for a while...

    reason is Cold weather, frozen engine ? You should start warming up engine before driving.-----Novsight to help you
  2. You have any of the following: low brake fluid frozen ebrake cable bad rear caliper (not releasing properly) badly warped rear rotors (you would notice the shuddering when you try to stop) bad ebrake pedal switch Any good mechanic should be able to figure this out!
  3. lessonstar

    washer fluid not spraying

    Clear the nozzle. Clear the clogged nozzle with a pin, then use compressed air to blow the debris backward through the hose. If you hear the pump going but don't get fluid, you probably have clogged nozzles. Lift the hood and trace thewasher hose from the nozzles back to the reservoir.
  4. lessonstar

    Cracked rotor

    this article maybe can help you know,http://www.tomorrowstechnician.com/the-great-rotor-debate-knowing-when-to-resurface-or-replace/
  5. lessonstar

    my honda won't start

    maybe help you,https://techinfo.honda.com/rjanisis/pubs/OM/NV0707/NV0707O00261A.pdf
  6. lessonstar

    Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

    method you can see in this to replace,http://www.instructables.com/id/Replacing-your-car-s-Valve-Cover-Gasket/
  7. lessonstar

    Ignition problems

    what's your meaning?
  8. lessonstar

    Its time for a new vehicle...

    it just tells you that you need to a new car with a little more space,hah
  9. lessonstar

    Looking to Buy a Honda

    just buy the car you like,without asking others.
  10. lessonstar

    Del Sol LOWER fog lights for sale

    so expensive,maybe you can try this,fog light
  11. lessonstar


    you can try this,Novsight fog light
  12. lessonstar

    5th Gen Accord USDM: Lamp Unit LED Upgrade

    I want to see the pictures.Can you post?
  13. lessonstar

    led headligh kits

    you can get it online from:https://www.novsights.com/.A reputable light.
  14. lessonstar

    Headlight Issues

    $1000 is so expensive!i spent about $300
  15. So i was on my way to work and i saw a newer A4 (or what i thought to be an A4) driving the opposite way and they had blue tinted headlights. I think it looked reaaly good with the silver color and light blue tint, anyone else see this before? Just wanted to share my thought and ask if anyone have seen this on the Forums!

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