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  1. MarkasD

    Engine miss

    I have a '94 Integra LS 5 speed. I noticed the car picked up a miss and a hesitation, so I changed the spark plugs on it but it hasn't seemed to help. It's gotten a little better but it's still not right. I did notice that when I removed one of the plug wires the engine didn't falter like the rest and that that plug was blacker than the rest. Any idea what else the problem could be or what I might have done wrong?
  2. MarkasD

    Headers and exhaust.

    I have a 94 Integra ls. It's mostly stock besides the steering wheel and wheels, but in about 6 weeks I am planning on upgrading the headers, exhaust from headers back, and a cold air intake. What kind of HP and torque gains am I looking at by doing these 3 things, and do any of you have any suggestions on brand or type I should look for? As usual, all help is appreciated.

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