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  1. I have a new honda pilot and im having an issue when i plug in the apple car play which requires a usb connect. I will loose a call where the other person cant hear me but i can hear them. At first it happened when using google maps and as soon as she said turn i had loss. My wife has had it happen numerous times without gps. Anyone hear of this issue? Its been to the dealer twice already for apple car play issues. Now their blaming it on apple.
  2. I have taken my car twice to the dealership with an issue of when i step on the gas over 3k rpms the car shakes. Once i let off the gas it goes away. I do get a constant vibration over 60 mph. I have a 2014 accord sport and dealership blamed it on tire balance. Never drove car just rebalanced.
  3. So i have a 2014 accord sports and im sure everyone's spoken about how noisy these tires are. Its time for new tires and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on what they have replaced with. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. So i went over a friends house to diagnose a notorious noise coming from rear tires. Seems a bunch of 2014 accord sports have this issue. So he decided lets put two donuts on and eliminate the tires. Which worked and looks like need bearings. Issue i have no is tire pressure, abs, stability control and e-brake lights wont go off. How do i get these to go away?
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