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  1. REPLACE THE A/C COMPRESSOR RELAY before doing anything else. We have had a LOT of problems with the OMRON relays for the A/C system. Part number 39794-SDA-A03 Its a cheap fix.. Hope this helps
  2. Im assuming you mean it has a TURBO system when you said its "boosted" ... Thats a total custom exhaust deal with a Turbo setup.
  3. Have you looked at the electrical portion of the ignition switch? It COULD cause some of the issues you describe. hope you find the problem..
  4. The ONLY way to really know if the engine valves are out of adjustment is to remove the valve cover and check the clearances manually with a feeler gauge. Id youtube it.. im sure theres a lot of videos showing you how its done. By the way... the engine should be COLD when doing this proceedure to get the best valve clearance measurements. Hope this helps a little..
  5. Sorry but I would need a little more info to help with that.. 4 or 6 cylinder? could you record a video of the sound ?
  6. Are you using a flushing tool or just opening the bleed valves?
  7. Possibly post a short video of the sound and driving conditions? that might help me to better understand exactly what youre experiencing... too bad you're not closer to me Id just have you swing by the store so I could take a peek
  8. The factory fill oil was Synthetic Blend 5W20. A few years ago American Honda released a statement saying that 0w20 synthetic blend OR Full synthetic was ok for your car. 0w20 might even increase your fuel mileage slightly. Either 5w20 or 0w20 weight is fine. Hope this helped.
  9. Possibly a driveshaft axle popped out of the transmission?.. any fluid leaks under the car? What does the Transmission fluid level look like?
  10. I'd be sure to buy one that is the SAME manufacturer as the original. I believe that is a NipponDenso Original part for Honda. SOme parts stores sell aftermarket copies like Bosch and other Chinese copies,, but the O2 sensor is an important part to maximize fuel economy and Catalytic Convertor function for clean emissions. Just my 2 cents worth... Hope that helps HondaPartsConnection
  11. Do you sell new parts as well or just Salvage parts
  12. Did you check the Coolant level of the engine? if it's low.. may be a Head Gasket failure. It could also be a coil pack or spark plugs.. hope this helps HondaPartsConnection
  13. I would check for a leaking Head Gasket. A lot of the Civics with that engine develop a leaking head gasket at higher mileage. The engine can leak coolant into the cylinders overnight and on initial startup it can "lean out" a cylinder causing the codes to be set. be sure to check for a low coolant level in the radiator when its a cold engine. NEVER open a HOT radiator cap! hope this helps HondaPartsConnection
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